May you joyfully give birth to your creative gifts;

May you always know that you are held in the light,

and that you are not alone as you create.

May your creations bring beauty and joy into the world,

and give others courage and inspiration to share

the whisperings of their own unique creative soul.

Love and light, Catherine 

If they were able to access our site to offer us their wisdom, I believe this is what our three great mystic friends, Julian, Hildegard and Brigid, might say to us: 

"All my focus, my prayer, my life-energy was given to my writing and to those who came to my window. In my book I wrote what I had learned of God:Know it well. Love is his meaning. Each morning I shared that love by listening to those who came to my open window, offering them love, guidance, a listening heart. Each of you may draw out of your prayer your own gifts to share through your creative work, and through your marvelous 21st century windows on your computer. And you can be for one another what I could only imagine my readers would be, my community of kindred spirits." Julian of Norwich ( England 14th c. anchoress)

"I see that each of you draws forth from your heart a unique creative gift that already radiates in the circle where you live. I foresee that the combined energy of so many dedicated open souls will make a fire that burns bright across the planet. As you support one another, you will strengthen each one's dedication, multiplying the effect of the work that each one does." Hildegard of Bingen ( Germany 12th c. Benedictine Abbess)

"From the first moment I met God, my thoughts have remained focused there. You women of the creative fire must keep your own inner fire aflame. If you keep your heart turned towards that fire, the fire will ignite your creativity, and love of the Holy One will give you the strength and joy you require. FOCUS: that is the gift I offer to you." Brigid of Kildaire ( Ireland 5th c. Abbess)


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