Sacred Hour


Each week we spend a Sacred Hour with our companions in the Communion of Creative Fire. Each Tuesday evening a new Reflection is posted as well as a new meditation/ritual. A visitor from our time or from an earlier time may arrive to speak with us in the Gathering Space

We are each invited to look at our weekly rhythms in order to choose one hour when we may spend time with the new postings. At that time we place ourselves imaginally within the circle of our Communion members. Perhaps we picture ourselves gathered in the Garden of the Ruined Nunnery on Iona, or in some other space sacred to us. 

To create a ritual space for our Sacred  Hour, we may light a candle or warm some fragrant oils. We may have a particular prayer or poem that helps us to focus our energies. I like the Prayer to the Spirit that is inspired by the writings of Julian of Norwich, one of the Godmothers of our Communion. (In the photo above, Julian is depicted in the white stone image to the left. In front of her is Brigid's Cross.)

Prayer to the Spirit

(in the manner of Julian of Norwich )

Come, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Love,
Spirit of discipline!
In the silence, come to us and bring us your peace;
Rest in us that we may be tranquil and still;
Speak to us as each heart needs to hear;
Reveal to us things hidden and things longed for;
Rejoice in us that we may praise and be glad;
Pray in us that we may be at one with You
and with each other;
Refresh and renew us
from your living springs of water.
Holy Spirit, dwell in us
that your light
may shine through us
and that in our hearts
You may find your homeliest home
and endless dwelling.

The fluidity of time in the universe allows us to create our own time to experience ourselves as part of a communion of reflection and prayer. We may wish to draw each of our companions into our gaze by going to the Who We Are page on this website (find it under the heading "About Us") to look at their photos.

Then we are ready to click on the Reflection page. We read each week's piece with openness to see how and where it touches our lives. Next we go the Gathering Space to enjoy an imaginal coming together of our Communion. 

Before our Sacred Hour ends, we may wish to make a few notes in a journal or create a poem, a song, a drawing or a sketch.

Afterwards, we send our companions an email or a message on our Secret Facebook Page to share insights, images, thoughts and hopes that arose within us during our contemplative time. The richness of this sharing depends upon the different ways each of us experiences light/insight/inspiration/healing in our own depth.

Surface agreements will not take us where we need to travel on this cosmic journey into newness. As Brian Swimme teaches, "in the process of Centration, we are led into deep union and love with other centres. The depth of the unity depends upon the depth of Centration."

It is in this sharing that we begin to understand and to weave the call that is coming to us as a Communion of Friends who seek together to receive the desires of the Universe.

We are becoming a "cup to catch the sacred rain". That is our joyous shared calling: that is who we are! 



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