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Today on my 66th birthday, I look back on quite an amazing journey to this place, my heart-home that "found me" in the autumn of 2013. Lightspring Glen is seven acres of woodland, streams, ponds, and a lovely waterfall on the edge of the Catskill Mountains near Walton, NY. 
The first half of my life was given to teaching high school English and helping raise my son and daughter. In the 1990s I joined a women's circle devoted to the study of the Sacred Feminine leading to the birthing of my full Self. It was then that I also claimed my Writer's Voice. 
In 2001 an opportunity to take part in a women's writing retreat in Glastonbury, UK brought me home to my Ancient Self and full commitment to becoming an Earth-healer, especially to working with Water. The first decade of the New Millennium brought training as a labyrinth facilitator with Dr. Lauren Artress at Grace Cathedral, several marvelous years of Mystery School (East Coast) with Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin, and the publication of two novels.....and also departing my marriage to a solo journey.  And I also embraced the role of Grandma to three fabulous grandkids!  
Since 2006 I have led pilgrimage groups to Glastonbury and the sacred sites of southwest England. I've come to describe myself this way: "....a Teacher of Sacred Learning through Labyrinth and Pilgrimage, a writer, and a Country-woman. Carol's rural-roots run deep and inform much of her work as a celebrant of Earth-honoring and Earth-healing ceremonies. With lifelong devotion to teaching and spiritual questing, she is a way-shower to all who seek their own sacred path in both Inner and Outer worlds."
The newest parts of my life are plans to develop a nature sanctuary here at Lightspring Glen, and since May, 2014, enjoying being the host of a weekly internet radio program, "Voices of the Earth".  
 I am thoroughly delighted to be joining this wonderful Circle of inspiring women and look forward to sharing marvelous connections with all as we journey together in these extraordinary times.   
Carol Ohmart-Behan

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